Well, it’s another one of those days.  Depression makes waking up difficult.  I procrastinate.  I have trouble with my friends and family.  Our demons come in plenty of forms.  Whether it is oneself or some outside force, we all have obstacles to get past.  Depression is an incredible burden.  It’s a burden I, and millions of others, have to bear.

We need to think about the terrible things Jesus went through to save us.  He carried the means of His own execution.  Now that’s an incredible burden to bear.  I think something that would help all of us put everything into perspective is to compare our suffering to others.  I don’t mean it as some kind of competition or anything like that.  That would be the last kind of competition anyone would want to win.  There will always be someone out there who has it way worse than you… always.

Lets say you are having a difficult time waking up and staring your day.  Well guess what, there is someone out there who can’t get out of bed.  Not only could this be a psychological issues but a physical impairment.  That person has it much worse than you do.  This could extend to any difficulty that you’re having.  If you can’t think of anyone, think Job.  It’s important to realize that we all have our own set of tests and temptations to endure.  This will ensure our entry into God’s kingdom.

Alright.  So you’re doing a little comparing?  Remember that you always have God to reinforce your life.  Talk to Him.  He’ll listen.  If things don’t get better right away, be patient.  He will decide when the time is right.  You have to put your faith in Him.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5).

Don’t let what other people say affect you.  Sometimes others get enjoyment out of the misery of others.  You need to avoid these people.  Others get upset and lash out.  Don’t let what they say bother you.

These methods almost always work for me, but at other times, things can appear bleak.  Its always be good to speak with someone else such as a family member, good friend, or a professional.  God listens, but he answers in mysterious ways.  Sometimes we might not realize that he answered us until long into the future.

This will be a common topic as it’s something I suffer with.  Sometimes it can be really tough and other times, not so much.  So if you ever wonder why I disappear here and there, that’s probably why.  God gives me strength, but sometimes doing the things I like, like blogging for example, becomes difficult.  It’s a tough journey, but with Jesus by my side, I know that I can get through it.

Thanks for reading.  I always appreciate that someone would take the time out of their day to read something I put out there.