Is there anything more important than our children?  They are a reflection of who we are.  It’s vital that we set a good example so they can grow up to be better than we are.  The prayers are below.

Prayer for Children

Dear Lord, children have the whole world ahead of them.  They are young, innocent, and pure.  Today, I come to you in prayer asking that you may impart your guidance to all children of the Earth.  Bless them with the attributes they need to live a holy Christian life.  Even though they’re still young, it is never too early for them to understand about your teachings.  Help them feel your presence so that they may believe in your ways.  May they never lose sight of the right path towards the kingdom of heaven.  May all children grow up to value integrity and honesty.  Please protect them from the temptations of this world.  Lord Jesus, children are vulnerable, and they need your protection.  They will be influenced by the world to do things that are wrong.  I pray that you help them avoid as many of these situations as possible.  Bless them with the courage to fight for what they believe in.  Please provide them with the knowledge and wisdom to overcome any obstacles they may face in the future.  I hope that all children will be able to fully appreciate the gift of life you have generously blessed us with.  May they trust in your Word and become instruments in spreading the good news of salvation.  Jesus, please help all children to act justly in all their endeavors, and I hope that they all learn to show respect to others.


Prayer for Our Children’s Protection

Heavenly Father, all children on Earth are special.  They have so much potential.  They have a bright future ahead of them as long as they believe in you.  Children are very important, because they will carry on our legacy and your name.  In the future, they will be given the responsibility to take care of your beautiful creation.  They will become doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, or anything else they hope to accomplish.  Help them make the right decision.  Please protect all children so that they may grow up healthy and strong.  Prevent any tragedy or accident from happening which may affect their lives.  Lord, you are their Protector.  You have blessed us generously with this life, and without your mercy and compassion, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.  Let all children experience your awesomeness.  May they find happiness, love, and joy in all their endeavors.  Please protect them so that they may remain safe at all times.  Even if their parents eyes’s stray from them, you will be there to help them.  I pray that you will always be by their side to remind them to stay away from any dangers they may encounter.  Lord, please protect all children on this Earth so that they may grow up to become instruments of your faith.  May they all have a pure heart and be committed to serving you.  Teach them the value of kindness so they may help the world become a better place.


Prayer for a Child’s Future

Loving Father, I come to you today in prayer asking that you may bless the future of my child.  I’m concerned that my child may not have the bright future I imagined him to have.  With the way the world is, I’m worried.  I want him to be able to accomplish his goals in life.  Whatever he hopes to achieve, please help him.  Lord Jesus, at an early age please allow my child to learn valuable lessons so he may go far in life.  Help him understand your teachings, miracles, and commandments so he can grow to be a devout Christian.  I pray that his personal goals may be aligned with your will.  If it’s not, please help my child understand that your ways are far greater than our human desires.  As a parent, all I want is for my child is to be successful in whatever path he wishes to undertake.  Guide him so he may become strong, brave, and courageous.  These traits will help him overcome any obstacles he may face in the future.  I pray that he will grow up with a strong faith in you.  May he never forget to be grateful for all the wonderful blessings you have bestowed upon him.


prayer for our children's protection

Prayer for an Unborn Child

Gracious and merciful God, thank you for allowing our family this child.  It has always been my dream to become a parent and have a family of my own.  I am greatly honored for being given this opportunity.  This child is truly a wonderful blessing.  My spouse and I are ecstatic to become parents.  Jesus, I am humbly asking that you protect this unborn child in my womb.  I am fully responsible for the protection and well-being of this child inside me, but I need you to be there for me.  My spouse and I can’t do this alone.  I pray that at the right time my baby will be delivered safely.  Even before my child is born, I know you have a plan for him.  Thank you for making sure that my child will have a bright future.  May he grow up to be strong in faith so that he may become closer to you.  Savior, my baby needs your love and protection.  He needs his Father’s guidance so he is able to lead a good life.  I am doing my very best to ensure the well-being of this child.  With your help, there is no reason for my baby not to be born healthy.  Thank you so much for blessing me with this beautiful child.