Animals are such an important part of our life.  They are the glue that holds the world together on both an individual and global scale.  At home, they provide us with companionship, love, and friendship.  They are there for us in times of sorrow, joy, and excitement.  Pets can be a “shoulder” to cry on or a friend to celebrate with.  Our pets are part of the family.  Outside the home, animals provide the balance that the planet needs.  Animals provide food for other animals.  The further humanity moves forward the more we realize that we need to get along with our animal friends.  Hopefully these prayers are exactly what you are looking for.

Prayers for Animals

Heavenly Father, you are the Creator of the world.  You have blessed humankind with the wonderful opportunity to attempt to live in unity with one another.  Often times people forget that we are not the only living creatures on this planet.  As people who have been given the responsibility to take care of animals’ well-being, I implore you to enlighten the minds of the individuals who abuse animals.  Make them aware of the atrocities they are committing.  I pray that more people will be aware that just like humans, animals also have feelings.  It’s devastating to experience these stories where animals are malnourished, mistreated, and abused or when animals are murdered for their skin or tusks.  Pet owners need to be more responsible in ensuring that they provide good shelter and good food to their pets.  Watch over the animals of the earth.  They need your protection because so many will not come to their aid.  There are so many animal shelters who have hundreds of animals who need love, care, and attention.  I come to you in prayer asking that more individuals would find it in their hearts to welcome a new pet to their home.  Thank you Lord for blessing us with the gift of living with all the animals of the Earth.


Prayer for Dogs

Dear Lord, as the saying goes, “Dogs are a man’s best friend.”  They keep us company in the lowest points of our lives.  They celebrate with us during the happiest moments of our lives.  They bark when we get home from school or work, because they’ve missed us.  They never fail to let us know that they’re happy by getting very excited about the most simple things.  Dogs are our little protectors.  Dogs provide us with joy, happiness, and companionship.  They lift up our spirits and make us smile.  I pray that people will continue to appreciate the companionship that their dogs provide. They are one of the most amazing animals on Earth.  For as long as history can remember, dogs have always been a huge part of our lives.  They have served as a means of protection against bad people.  Some dogs are also great swimmers, and there are countless of stories where they have saved the lives of people.  Thank you Lord for allowing us to become good friends with such wonderful animals.  Their loyalty and obedience is always something we can count on.  Please help those dogs stuck in shelters find a new home where they can be cared for.  In your name I pray.


prayers for animals - prayers for dogs

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Prayer for Pets

Heavenly father we are in your presence this day making a prayer for the sake of our pets.  First of all, we are grateful to you for bringing them into our lives to keep our homes full of life and joy.  We also thank you for entrusting us with the responsibility to watch over them.  We acknowledge that they are all part of your creation and you love them as much as you love us. That is why we are asking for our pets blessing.  Every night as they sleep, we pray that you will watch over them and give them sufficient peace for a good night’s sleep.  In the morning, please grant them all the energy to face the new day courageously and overcome all the obstacles that may come their way.  Guide those pets home when they lose their way.  May they find their way back to their owners.  Our heavenly King, we ask you to grant them good health and a long fulfilling life with us.  Don’t allow any harm to come to them, and protect them when they are in harm’s way.  All of creation is meant to live according to your plan, and so we ask that you shall also give our pets the strength and fortitude to protect us if we are ever in danger.  Teach us to love them and show them compassion as an important part of your creation.  This we pray believing and trusting in the name of Jesus.


A Prayer for a Sick Dog

God, our Healer, we thank you for taking care of us and our pets each day.  I know of the incredible miracles that Jesus performed.  This is why I come before you asking for you to help heal my dog.  I know you have the power to set it free of its troubling ailment.  This dog cannot tell me what exactly the problem is, but I know that you are aware of what problem is. Almighty God, I ask you to give good health to my friend so that he may be whole again.  My dog has always been with me in both good and bad times.  I don’t know what I would do without him.  Give my dog peace and strength to withstand this painful moment he’s undergoing.  Grant me this request.  It deeply hurts me seeing something I care about be in so much pain.  I want things to go back to the way they were.  I miss taking my dog out for a walk.  Please restore my dog’s health and my happiness.


Short prayer for a dog

Prayer for a Lost Pet

Dear God, the creator of all the living creatures.  We thank you for our lovely pet who gives us a reason to smile.  How much we love this his company.  We feel so much companionship from this little that we long for his company more and more.  You are indeed a wonderful creator Heavenly Father for giving us creatures like this to love.  Enable our cat to live long and feel your unending care.  Help us to treat him as he deserves.  Please, I ask that you protect our most beloved pet.  Keep him away from all of the dangers out there.  Guide our little pet so he makes it back home safely.  We pray with thanksgiving in our hearts.


Prayer for a Cat

Almighty Creator, your greatness flows in all living things.  You saw it fit to allow us to have this lovely cat.  We give you honor and glory for this gift.  It is our humble prayer that we ask of you to guard our little pet.  It is because of this lovely cat that we have a beautiful relation with some of your wonderful creatures.  Grant us the wisdom to know how to feed, protect, and care for our cat.  Help us understand that this is a special gift that deserves utmost love and care.  Bless our cat and keep it healthy.  Lord, the creator of these precious animals, give this cat a long a long life so we may continue to enjoy his company.  It is in your holy name that we pray.