As we bring new little ones into the world, we need to ask God for their protection and guidance.  It is important that they learn Jesus’s teachings as early as possible.  Don’t let them succumb to the darkness early in life.  Say a few prayers for your newborn baby so they can follow Jesus and remain in the light.

Prayer for a Newborn Baby

Father, we bow before you today because of this wonderful blessing you have given us.  We continuously praise you for your wonderful works.  Today you have breathed your spirit into this wonderful baby.  This day we thank you for an awesome creation that will help the world as she gets older.  As she grows, we will show her your teachings, and have her follow in Jesus’s footsteps.

We ask you for your unending blessings on this wonderful newborn baby.  Grant this child with all the attributes that she will need when growing up so she can fully develop according to your plan.  We ask you to always watch over this child and bless her.  Please include the parents in this blessing.  Give them the wisdom to raise the child well.  Unite them with your love so no matter what situation they are faced with they can overcome it with simplicity.  As she is starting her life in this world, be her protection.  We pray all this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Prayer for a Baby

Father in Heaven, I thank you with my entire heart and soul for this incredible blessing.  For so long I have desired a beautiful child of my own, and I am so humbled and grateful that you have provided me with such a gift.  Every time I look at my beautiful baby’s eyes, I am reminded of your wonder, wisdom, and most of all, your undying love.  As my child continues to grow and learn, I pray that you guide him with your compassion and knowledge, just as you have guided me and my family ever since birth.  I pray that you give me and my family the resources and strength to support this wonderful child throughout his life, so he can live a long, healthy life.  No matter where my baby’s life takes him he is surrounded with Christians who can offer him support through life’s trials.  Lead him back to your path should he ever stray.  I pray that throughout his life you have their heart continue to grow in compassion and their mind in discernment.  I pray that you give them the ability to lead others into your light.  I love you, Lord, and I pray in the name of Jesus that you continue to bless this wonderful child with your love and support.