Wednesday Morning Prayer

Heavenly Father, as I embark upon this day may nothing separate you from me.  Help me to keep my heart, thoughts, and mind pure and unblemished.  Let not the temptations of this world lead me astray.  Teach me this day how to be steadfast and choose only your way which is the only way to eternal salvation.  Protect me from my careless thoughts, words, and actions.  Keep me from becoming preoccupied with my wants, and my desires.  Instead, helping keep me focused on the needs of others around me.

Allow me to accept whatever this day brings my way.  Let me view each challenge as an opportunity to offer up my hardships and personal inconveniences for the greater glory of you and your kingdom.  Keep me from the despair that the day can sometimes foster.  Allow me to take every opportunity this day and turn it into a positive experience.  Grant me a cheerful spirit that radiates to all those I encounter.  Work through me as an example of Christian love and unity so that others may be lead to you.  At this moment and throughout this day I offer you praise and thanksgiving.  Without you I am nothing.  Without you, I cannot take my next breath.  Your will governs all.  For you are all-powerful and all-knowing and deserve our praise.  Protect me this day and lead me back home so that I may awaken again tomorrow a new and able praise you once more.


Prayer for Wednesday Morning

Jesus, we come before your holy presence this Wednesday morning to dedicate this day to you.  Thank you for seeing us through the beginning of the week.  We surely do not take it for granted.  We worship you Father because you along are our God.  We adore you and acknowledge that our lives are all in vain without you. We ask for your presence in our lives today.  Forgive us our trespasses and draw us closer to your presence.  We are imperfect and we so often fall short of your glory.  We will always remain faithful because we know you will graciously answer us.  We pray that this day and the rest of the week you will guide our steps and lead us where there are greener pastures.  Let your favor be with us and may it be evident that you are God over our lives.  May we be received with favor everywhere we go today, and everything that we do be to glorify and honor your holy name.  We declare that good health, peace of mind, and joy in our hearts today.  Help us to be productive and full of energy to live for the purpose that you created us for.  Give us wisdom so we can go about our Wednesday morning with confidence.  Impact the world with your presence and use what you have given us to live better lives.  We leave everything in your care.  In Jesus’s name we pray.