Prayer for Peace in the Family

Jesus, I would be lost without my beloved family.  You have given us peace that we have continued to enjoy over many years.  Despite our recent disagreements, I still love them.  I thank you Father for life and the good health that you have given me.  You give me hope that this feud will finally reach an end.  With your help, we will have no problem getting through this.

I have come before you today asking for peace in my family.  We are struggling, and right now everyone is rife with discord and disagreement.  I pray for the peace that comes only from you.  Have it surround my family.  Help each one of us to hunger for your presence in our life.  Help us to walk in righteousness and please you in all our endeavors.

We are a family and not only do we need to say we love each other but we need to act like it as well.  Help our family to seek redemption.  Please continue to love and protect us in this dark time.   Save us from all evil that has been influencing us and prevent any further fights or disagreements.

May we enjoy peace from this point forward.  Thank you for hearing my prayer.  In your holy name we pray.


Peace in the Family Prayer

Lord, you are our anchor during stormy times.  You are the only one that can offer the comfort and unity that we seek.  We ask that you calm our troubled minds and bring peace to this home.  No matter what life throws at us, we will not fear because we know that you are here for us.  We need to finally have peace with this matter.  You have calmed and brought peace to the seas while out with the fisherman.  I ask that you bring us this same tranquility.

We know that you can speak peace into our family.  According to your word, you are the Prince of Peace.  Let your name bring peace to us today.  Do not allow us to fall into Lucifer’s temptations.  Deliver us from his wicked ways.  May we live and dwell in your calming presence.

You are the head of our family, and I come before you to ask for your help to control this situation.  It is in you that we live and move.  We cannot do anything without your help.  Let our testimony be that we went through troubled waters and you were with us.  Give us the peace we so desperately seek in Jesus’s name.