I’m usually against prayers that wholly benefit oneself, but sometimes people need a bit of help, even if it is financially.  In this existence, we need money to provide for basic necessities to get through one’s day.  Money allows us to purchase food, water, and shelter for one’s family.  I couldn’t possibly have a problem with someone who were to pray for money or prosperity for the benefit of one’s friends or family.

Prayer for Money

Lord Jesus I bow to you today knowing that only through you we can achieve salvation.  I approach you because I know you are the only one who can grant me refuge and hope to keep pressing on in this life.  I come before you this moment asking that you give me financial independence in this life.  The Bible tells us to ask and it shall be given to us.  Today I come to you today with a request for money.  Thank you for giving me what I have so far.  Please do not take this request as ungrateful.  I know you are always looking out for me, but recently I have been unable to provide for myself and my family.  I turn to you for the wisdom to create this wealth.  All things and ideas belong to you, and that is why I’m coming to you for aide.  I’m tired of worry about my finances and my family’s future.  I would like to be financially comfortable so I can focus on other things in life beside work.  Lord, I ask that you open my eyes so that I may be aware of opportunities that may be prosperous.  I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Prayer for Abundance

Lord Jesus, I come before you with my heart full of thanks for the things that you have done and are about to do.  Every day I look in the mirror, and I know you love me because you created me in your own image.  I will always strive to be a good person, because I know this reflects on you and your teachings.  I say this prayer so you may cause my cup to overflow.  Everything given to me in excess will be given to my brothers and sisters.  I ask for abundance of money, food, or property so I may share it with my friends, family, and fellow Christians.  I ask that you open all doors that are normally closed to me.  Almighty God, I pray that you forgive me of all sin that has caused lack of abundance in my life.  If this is your will, protect me from the evil that will come with having an abundance of anything.  Help steer me clear of thoughts of greed and selfishness.  Thank you for hearing my prayers.  By my faith may I receive my share of abundance in Jesus’ name.


Prayer for Prosperity

Almighty Father, I have always dreamed of having a prosperous life.  Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to be successful.  I made it my goal to live a life of comfort and affluence when I got older.  I always felt that having a prosperous life meant that I wouldn’t have to deal with difficult problems.  Prosperity is about thriving and making the most out of what you have.  I have realized that good fortune will only come with hard work.  As the saying goes, “There are no shortcuts to success.”  Financial success can only be met when a person is fully committed to his or her goals.  Today I hope that you will bless my life with prosperity.  You have already blessed me with so many wonderful opportunities in my life.  My  relationships are also flourishing because of your blessings.  I am continuously improving my relationships with other people knowing it is what I need to do.  Help me build long lasting relationships with other people.  Keep me motivated and help me persevere.  I know that you’re watching over me each day of my life and I thank you for this.  I have made plenty of sacrifices in order to provide for my family’s needs.  My dedication will not go in vain.  Hear my prayer.


Prayer for Wealth

Gracious God, thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn money for a living.  Thank you for blessing my life with financial stability.  I am glad that because of this wonderful opportunity, I am able to provide for the financial needs of my family.  May you continue to bless my life with a steady income for the years to come.  Shower me with your knowledge and wisdom so that I could make the most out of my career.  I am a very hardworking person and I am very dedicated to my job.  I am able to provide for my family but I would really like to give time or give a nice sized donation to a charity.  This would be very difficult to do in my current situation.  I know that you have a plan for my family and I.  Being wealthy means having an abundance of money or valuable possessions.  I know that you are helping me reach this point. Day by day, within each task I need to accomplish, I feel your presence around me.  You have always been there as my guide since the very beginning. I never want to fail you.  I want to fulfill what you have planned for my life.  Your plans may be different from what I want, but I completely trust that you only want the best for me.  I pray that very soon I will have the wealth I’ve always wanted.  It would be beneficial not only for myself but also for all of the people around me.  This I pray in Jesus’ name.


Money is a Source of Evil

People have always wanted riches.  It is part of who we are as humans.  It is one of our many faults.  Use these prayers with good intentions, because money and wealth can corrupt even the most pure of humankind.  I’ve included a few of my favorite Bible quotes regarding material wealth.  Remember, if God grants your request, not to be corrupted by an abundance of material goods.  Money, wealth, and power opens a window where evil will sneak in.

prayer for abundance