Afternoon Prayer

Eternal father, I thank you for the beautiful morning that you have given to us.  I am grateful for your provision and nourishment.  You love me and enabled me to wake up earlier today in high spirits and good health.

As I begin this afternoon, I pray that your hand will be my guide.  Help me to be more aware of your presence as I work.  Dwell in my heart so I may find peace in your word this afternoon.  Your warm my heart and comfort me throughout the day.

Give me strength to work until the day ends.  Keep me alert as I continue to work.  Let me engage you in my work as I continue to work this day.  Let your word become alive in my heart.

I trust in you to give me strength to carry out the rest of my day.  Make me an encouragement to friends and family.  Give hope to those who are hopeless and help us all to never give up on each other.  Help me to stay true to my call of duty and give my best to each and every person.

Thank you for my family, relatives, and friends.  Give us hope.  Give us humility.  I confess that this day will have a beautiful ending, and I pray that my life will be a blessing to others.


Midday Prayer

Almighty God, you are the one who channels our path and guides us at all times.  We ask that you make this day full of favor, blessings, and divine direction.  As I go through this day, lead me to a well watered path.  I come in honest submission to your power, wisdom, and sovereignty over all of the affairs of both man and woman.  My cry is that you show me the way to go.  May this day be nothing but a blessing.  Keep me from the evil one, and make me become all that you have made me to be.

Grace and truth is yours, O Lord.  You are the one that makes a way where there seems to be none.  I believe that you are the one who makes the impossible possible.  With utmost faith in your word, I ask that you release your showers of grace and glory upon my life.  Thank you Lord for how far you have led me so far today.  Thank you for not hiding and trusting me with your love.  You woke me up, and have brought me through to this point today.  Remain, and protect me through the rest of today.