Prayer for Unfaithful Husband

I bow down in adoration for the sacrifice your Son made for our sins.  I thank you for the gift of my marriage even though it is currently in trouble.  You have always done what’s best for me.

In these moments when my heart feels deserted and lonely, I call upon you to save my cheating husband from his sins.  I cannot even begin to explain how betrayed I feel.  I ask you mighty Lord to make my husband understand the pain he is putting me through.  Remind him that this union is sacred.

My heart is filled with tears as I plead for you to intercede on my cheating husband.  The last thing I would want is a divorce or annulment.  I have given this marriage everything.  I am filled with worry and uncertainty, because I’m not sure if he will ever be faithful to me again.  With your help he will realize what a selfish person he is being.  I know that I’m not perfect, but I’m his wife.

I acknowledge that we can be very weak at times, but you give us strength through you.  I pray that you grant my husband the will to resist all temptations that come his way.  Bless him each day and help him see your glory so he can seek salvation.  All he needs is some self-control and this wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Release my husband from the evil chains of adultery and liberate him from this sin.  Then we can live to sing of your blessings.  If he changes his ways, help me forgive him of what he has done.  Please hear my prayer Lord.


Prayer for a Cheating Husband

Lord Jesus, today I pray to you for a renewed love and trust in my marriage.  Although you have blessed me with the love of my husband, I feel that he has gone astray.  I am no longer sure that he is living in your light.  He has succumbed to the temptations of sin, and I hope you to lead him back to the light.  I know that he has been cheating on me, and I pray to you for help and guidance.  Encourage him to repent for what he has done.  I know that you love all of us, and I pray for that love to find its way back into our marriage.  Give him the strength that he needs to resist the temptations of lust.  Heal the wounds that this adultery has created between us.  This challenging time has brought heartbreak and confusion, and I ask that you bless us so we can work together to end this horrible time of strife.  I want to glorify you with our marriage.  Show us the best way to do that with whatever means that you see fit.  Renew our love, deepen our connection, and lead my spouse back to me.  With your support, I know that we can become reunited and be better than before.  In your name I pray.