Prayers for Our Nation

God, we commit our country to you.  We are gracious for it and trust you to guide our leaders so that they can lead us down the correct path.  Bless our land and keep it as a safe haven for this generation and others to come.  May the evil in our society be uprooted by your hand.  Many terrible things are happening which do not glorify your name, but we pray because we know you will answer.  Your power is enough to change all the wicked ones in our society into your humble followers.

We pray for unity in our nation to come against any spirit of division brought about by those sinners.  We pray that we become one body.  Help us to see each other as brothers and sisters so that we can treat each other as so.  We pray for peace to prevail within our borders.  With peace, we have a united nation so the evil can end.  Lord, please hear my prayer.


Prayer for the Nation

Almighty and eternal God, today we entrust the nation to your care.  You alone are the source of our life and our happiness. We ask you to reclaim this land for your glory.  Send the Holy Spirit and allow it to touch the hearts of our nation’s leaders.  Give them courage to make decisions which are equitable and just to all.  Open their hearts and minds so that they see the value in all life no matter what stage it may be in.  Give them the wisdom to protect your creation and to realize the great value of the earth and all life on it.  May they realize their great need for you and your guidance.  May they hear your constant voice as they make decisions that affect us all.

May we be a people intent upon pursuing you and your plans for us as individuals and a nation.  Remind us of Jesus’s teachings when other nations are in need.  May we foster international relationships built on a strong desire for peace and unity.  We praise you, Lord, for all the good you have given us.  We thank you for our homes and the benefits each of us realize from living in this great nation you have given us.  Help us to pray often and fervently.  Enable us to work according to your will so that the nation can continue to realize the blessing you have endowed upon us.


prayers for our nation