Prayer for Inner Peace

Lord Jesus, I come before you today because I know you bring peace and serenity.  I confess my uneasiness this day so you can wash away the worry and make me relaxed again.  I fear the current uneasiness that resides inside of me.  I call upon you as the Prince of Peace to give me the gift of inner peace.  I pray that my soul may find rest in you. Teach my soul to find harmony in anxiety, panic, anger, and confusion.

Bring my mind peace, and give me the willpower to be stronger in these circumstances.  When I am at the verge of losing hope, remind me that you have plans for me.  When I feel guilt, let my soul find rest in the words that you preached during your time on earth.

Teach me to let go of this situation, and let it rest in your hands.  For you are much more able than I.  Teach my heart to forgive all my brothers and sisters so I may be at ease.

I know you will make things right, because you have done it before.  You are our unchanging Savior, and you remain the same today, tomorrow and forever.


Prayer for Calm

Almighty Lord, I pray for your soothing love and wisdom as I struggle with the hectic and overwhelming challenges that life has thrown at me.  It is during these times when I feel like giving up, that I pray for your guidance.  I know that your presence is the only thing that can truly bring me peace and calm.  I ask you to help me face the hard times ahead with hope and strength, and to help me use the resources and talents that you have given me to help serve your purpose.  As my mind starts to race and my heart beats through my chest, help me find the inner peace that I desire.  Stand by my side, and give me a peaceful perspective on everything that happens in my life.  I know that you have a plan for me, and that you will not have lead me on this path if it weren’t to serve your purpose.  Enlighten me and show me the steps to take next.  I know that your love will put my turbulent mind at ease, and I look for your support now more than ever.  In your name I pray.


Short Prayer for Inner Peace and Calm

A Short Prayer for Inner Peace and Calm

Lord, as I go throughout my day, help keep me calm and collected.  Remind me that both myself and the people around me aren’t perfect.  We all make mistakes that can upset one person or another.  I need to remember to have patience and to be forgiving.  This should lead to the inner peace that I need, so I can keep the people around me happy.