Prayer for Success

I thank you Father for the wisdom and knowledge that you have given me.  Give me an understanding of the future so I am able to plan accordingly.  I pray that you hold me to live according to your standards.

I pray that you may grant me success in every step that I take.  Please watch over me, and help prevent me from falling into any temptation.  I will represent you in my actions, thoughts, and all the other things that I am involved in today.  I decree that success is my portion in the name of Jesus.  I pray that I will find favor at the workplace.  I hope for a good working relationship with my colleagues.  I will give a hand to anyone who is in need.

Be my guide, and give me counsel in your word.  I will seek comfort and encouragement in your word.  Help me to heed to your voice and your teachings.  I thank you for today’s success and the provisions you have provided me.  I know that I shall not lack anything today because you are my sustainer.  I know that my success will be pleasing to you.  Let it be done according to your word.


Prayer to be a Success

Father, you are the one that makes our way prosperous and successful.  We ask that you bless the works of our hands and give us the means to become fruitful.  I know I can accomplish anything with your assistance.  You have given us all the wonders the earth has to offer.  We ask that you confirm your word in our lives and give us your guidance.

You are the one who lifts the poor out of the streets and sets them among princes.  We know that all things work for our good when we call on your name.  Make us succeed in all that we do from this day forward.  Ensure that none of your children sees shame or disappointment.  You are the one that opens doors of opportunity for those who turn to you.  I hope that you do the same in our lives.  May we be blessed beyond measure by the Holy Spirit today.

This prayer is from the depth of my heart.  Reveal to us where we can find the treasures that you have prepared for us.  Let us not miss out on the great success that you alone can give.  Lead us today and bless us in the name of Jesus.